Monday 4 December 2017

Class Party on Friday

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Friday 8th December, 2017, 1 / 2 F will be having a class party in learning sessions 3 and 4 to celebrate the end of the school year! To ensure we have a good mix of healthy foods and party foods your child has volunteered to bring:

Adrian Calarco
Salt and vinegar chips
Zachary Camilleri
26 cups
Benita Lai
1 x packet of lollies
Nash Matas
1 x packet of lollies
Jemma Mealing
Sophia Palasovski
Macedonia salad
Aleah Rogers
Cup cakes
Jack Wright
1 x 2 lemonade
Thomas Bingham
Nathaniel Brownlee
26 plates
Charli Coleman
Ella Davey
Chicken and egg sandwiches
Vance Elliott
Xander Fredericks
 1 x packet of lollies
Cruz Glover
Taliya Godoy
Veggie sticks and dip
Ryan Langston
Cade Louwrens
Salad or veggie sticks
Ethan McRae
Chips 1x packet
Christian Mzinda
Fairy bread
Charlotte Randall
 Drink – 1 x 2L bottle
Sienna Rimmer
Bailey Schwarz
1 x 2L drink
Brooke Tideswell
Esha Uday
Mrs Darby
If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to speak to me before or after school or contact the school office on (02)4636 7474 and they will notify me to return your call.

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