Thursday 22 June 2017

Never to old for a play

This afternoon we thought we would have a little change in routine. Everyone was super tired after a big night dancing away at the Disco so we decided to go and have a play with Kindy. It was awesome! So often we are worried about getting through every thing we have planned, it was so nice to just let the kids play and interact with each other.

A massive thank you to Mrs Camilleri and KC for letting us join in on her Developmental Play!

Week 9 awards

Congratulations Bailey, Sophia and Ethan on receiving your awards this week, we have seen some awesome work completed in Mathematics and Sophia has made an excellent effort in her writing this week. Well done guys, keep it up :-)

Disco fun

Last night disco was an awesome event. All the kids had such a great time! A huge thank you to all the families that came and made it such a successful event and to all our amazing PL's that organised the coffee and snacks for all the parents. I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics from the photo booth! 

Special shout out to Nash for the best dance moves!!!!

Tuesday 20 June 2017

An afternoon of Technology

On Monday we spent the afternoon exploring technology. Mr Sales lent us some of his year 5 students to come and show us all about the Ozobots. It was very exciting to see them in action again. The kids are very excited to start using them again and coding them to follow their tracks.

We then went to the computer labs to keep practicing our coding skills.