Thursday 30 March 2017

Lava Lamps

To continue on with our study of Mixtures, we conducted an experiment to see what happens when you add an Alka Seltzer to water. 

To see the effects in action we added some oil to the experiment. The oil made a layer on top of the water. We discussed why the water and oil didn't mix together. When the oil was settled we added some Alka Seltzer to the bottle and the effects were amazing. We made Lava Lamps!!!

The tablet let of a gas when it was mixed with the water. The gas then moved through the oil making it look like a Lava Lamp.

This was a fun experiment and the kids loved watching the bubbles of gas move through the oil. 

Have a look at some of the pictures­čśâ

Award Recipients Week 8

Congratulations Sophia, Jemma and Sienna on receiving your awards this week, I am so proud of you all!

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Harmony Day

We loved celebrating Harmony Day with the college yesterday. We started our day with a wonderful whole school Chapel service led by Mr Warren. Mr Camilleri and Mrs Shabaya spoke briefly about where they were from and spoke a little in their language. 

Each class celebrated Harmony Day differently, in our class we read the book 'It's ok to be different' by Todd Parr. We then drew self portraits and discussed all the different things that we loved and that were special to us. Students were asked to draw these things around the background of their self portraits. They all looked fantastic! 

Week 7 Award winners

Congratulations Charli, Bailey and Thomas. You have worked so hard to receive your awards this week, well done!!

Monday 20 March 2017

Mixtures cont

Woo hoo it worked :-)

After leaving our Epsom Salt mixtures in the fridge over the weekend, we were very excited to see the end result. Students were asked to document why they thought the experiment didn't work the first time (other than Mrs Fuller not following instructions) and why it worked the second time. What did we do differently?

Have a look at some of our crystals!

Sunday 19 March 2017

Science - Mixtures

Continuing our Mixtures unit during Science we tried to make a mixture using Epsom Salts to make Crystals. Unfortunately, our first attempt was a failure. It probably helps to read the instructions properly. However, this is what Science is about, experimentation and trial and error. We discovered that we didn't put enough salt in out mixtures so they didn't crystallise as they should have. So we decided to try again. 

We talked about getting the measurements correct and what could happen or what could go wrong if we get measurements wrong. This time we measured very carefully and made sure that we put the correct amount of salt into the water and mixed it carefully. We are yet to see the results but hopefully they have worked :-)

Award Winners Week 6

Congratulations Ethan, Nathaniel and Aleah on receiving your awards last week. I am so proud of the efforts you have all put in, well done!!

Tuesday 7 March 2017


This week we have been looking at Multiplication and Division and Length during Maths. 

During our study of length we have been using different objects such as paddle pop sticks, paper clips and match sticks to measure the length of different objects. we even took our shoes off and measured the length of our feet using match sticks. It was good fun. 

During Multiplication and Division we have been looking at skip counting. We have played lots of games to practise counting by 2's, 5's and 10's. We have also been making groups of objects to demonstrate Multiplication and sharing objects between groups to show Division. We have been having a bit of fun in Maths this week :-)


Buddy Visit

 Today we had a special visit from our Year 12 Buddies. Zach, Ashleigh and Fiona came to see us and the kids had lots of questions for them. We spoke about the subjects they are doing and what they would like us to pray for. They all start their exams next week so we will be thinking of them. It was great to see them all!

Birthday Visits with Mr Korocz

Students who had had a birthday this year in the months of January, February or March got to visit Mr Korocz this week. They were very excited to go and visit Mr Korocz in his office and meet his special friend R2D2 who gave them a special lolly.