Sunday 29 October 2017

Learning all about MASS!

In Maths lessons last week we explored the concept of Mass. Students were able to sort objects on the basis of their mass and  compare two or more objects according to their masses using appropriate uniform informal units  of measurement.

Students also sorted a variety of objects according to their mass by comparing whether they are heavier or lighter than others by using their hefting skills and estimating.



They were able to use an equal arm balance to find collections of objects that have the same mass  and recorded comparisons of mass informally using drawings, numerals and words.


Once balanced, students were able to make statements such as “It is heavier than two blocks, but lighter than three blocks so its mass must be between two and three blocks. It might be two and a half." We had lots of fun exploring the concept of mass!

Week 3 Award recipients

Congratulations to our Week 3 award recipients

Bailey has been working hard in class!
Zac has been enjoying problem solving in Enrich-e-matics!
Taliya has been working with accuracy and efficiency in maths!

Well done to all these students!

Also this week we discovered that Monkey MACC loves Jelly Beans and took the reward jar of Jellybeans all for himself! That's one very cheeky monkey!

Exploring the school farm

This term we have been learning about maps and our local area. Last week we went down to the school farm and explored and then drew a sketch map of the farm using a key.


We later thought about what sounds we heard, what we felt, what the farm smelt like and what we saw. It was certainly very hot and there were lots of flies!!!

Friday 20 October 2017

Grandparents day is fast approaching!

Grandparents day is fast approaching and the children will be busy preparing for their visit in the coming weeks.

Also in preparation for this very special event, we have invited all students to provide a photo of themselves with their grandparents. These photos will be used in a special photo display as we celebrate our wonderful grandparents. Could you please send these photos to school with your child by this coming Friday 27th October to give us time to prepare the displays.

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Week 2 Award Recipients!

Although there was no Friday morning assembly due to the rain, we still presented our hard working students with their class awards. 

Congratulations this week goes to:
Aleah who showed great skill when creating a sketch map of our school!
Xander did an awesome job developing his characters and the plot of his narrative!
Gemma show great attention to detail when creating her Australian Outback landscape!

Great work guys keep it up!

Beautiful landscapes

Image result for are we there yet alison lester

This week 1-2 F have been creating landscapes of the Australian outback.

We particularly focused on creating a desert scene with Boab trees, as this reflected what we had read in the book "Are we there yet?" by Alison Lester.  We had read this book as it tied in beautifully with our Geography unit for this term and helped us all gain a better understanding of the location of Australia's many famous landmarks.

In our artworks we used a variety of materials and techniques. We blended with water colour paints to create a background sunset, used oil pastel crayons to add details, like the creek, cockatoos and grass reeds, and rubbed crayons on our paper whilst leaning on the concrete to create a textured pattern for our mountains and the Boab trees. The children's artworks look amazing!



Saturday 14 October 2017

News Topics for Term 4

Overview of Speaking and Listening Topics – Term 4 – 1/2F
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This term in Speaking and Listening, the prepared topics are themed around what students are working on during Geography and Science. Students are encourage to prepare their news based on the topics listed below.

Families are reminded that as is the case with all Homework in Stage 1, Prepared News topics are optional but encouraged.

As in the previous three terms, students will have the same news day where they can present their news to the class. During free choice news, students are asked to bring in one item to share with the class. 
What did you do in the Holidays?
Free choice
Where have you and your family travelled within Australia or overseas? Tell us about the places you have visited. Some questions that may help you prepare are:
§ What countries have your parents visited?
§ What countries have your grandparents visited?
§ What countries have you visited?
Free choice
Bring in a toy that uses a force and explain to the class how it uses this force.
Remember: force is the push or pull on an object. Force makes the object move or change direction.
Free choice
Design your own ultimate toy that uses force. You can draw a picture or build a model to share with the class.
 Free choice
Christmas – What does Christmas mean to you? How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?

Science and Technology – Forces and Motion


Our Science and Technology unit for this term focuses on students understanding how their toys work. They will look at the forces involved in toys including push-pull, friction and gravity. Forces are at work in everything we do—we push to open doors, and pull to tie ropes. Gravity pulls on things to make them fall down or to keep them down. Through investigations, students will have the opportunity to observe and gather evidence about how these forces act in air and water, and on the ground. Students identify the effect of the pull of gravity and learn that both air and water can ‘push’.


In our first lesson we defined what “push” and “pull” mean and investigated how our toy cars can be moved through using the forces of push and pull. Some students also realised that they could use air, which is a form of stored energy, to also move the toy cars. 

Welcome back to Term 4!

1/2F students have settled in beautifully with having a new teacher! We have all enjoyed getting to know each other better and have had fun learning lots of new and exciting things.

At Friday morning assembly our class was awarded Monkey MACC! We learnt that Monkey MACC loves to dab! 

Congratulations to our three award recipients Ella, Benita and Nash! You have all worked hard to be learners who persist and strive to do well in your learning. Well done!  

Friday 13 October 2017


In the last week of Term 3 the students spent some time exploring in the concept of area.
We determined that area is the space inside a shape or the space that a shape covers.  The students then used grid paper to create pictures and they worked out the area that their pictures covered.  


Later in the week we created the township of “Areasville”. Students had to use construction paper to create houses and then they determined the area of their house. Finally the class had fun creating our own township. 

Welcome Baby Gemma

We had an unexpected arrival during the last week of school last term. Gemma Louise Rose Fuller was born on the 20th September after 4 days of trying to postpone labour Gemma decided she had had enough and wanted to say hello!

We are so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. Thank you so much for all the beautiful gifts, you have definitely spoilt her and us. I absolutely loved the book from the kids with a personalised message from all the kids. It was just beautiful.

I'm so sorry, I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. I was looking forward to ending the term with a bit of a celebration. I will have to come and celebrate the end of year with the kids at the end of term 4. 

I am hoping to pop into school mid term to introduce Gemma to everyone!

Thank you again, we truly appreciate all your prayers, well wishes and gifts. 

Kristen, Michael, Ollie and Gemma


Awards week 9

Congratulations Sienna, Jemma and Nash on receiving your awards!! You have all been working super hard, well done!