Saturday, 14 October 2017

News Topics for Term 4

Overview of Speaking and Listening Topics – Term 4 – 1/2F
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This term in Speaking and Listening, the prepared topics are themed around what students are working on during Geography and Science. Students are encourage to prepare their news based on the topics listed below.

Families are reminded that as is the case with all Homework in Stage 1, Prepared News topics are optional but encouraged.

As in the previous three terms, students will have the same news day where they can present their news to the class. During free choice news, students are asked to bring in one item to share with the class. 
What did you do in the Holidays?
Free choice
Where have you and your family travelled within Australia or overseas? Tell us about the places you have visited. Some questions that may help you prepare are:
§ What countries have your parents visited?
§ What countries have your grandparents visited?
§ What countries have you visited?
Free choice
Bring in a toy that uses a force and explain to the class how it uses this force.
Remember: force is the push or pull on an object. Force makes the object move or change direction.
Free choice
Design your own ultimate toy that uses force. You can draw a picture or build a model to share with the class.
 Free choice
Christmas – What does Christmas mean to you? How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?

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