Sunday 10 September 2017

Awards Week 8

Congratulations Aleah, Jack and Charlotte for receiving your awards on Friday! You have done an outstanding job, keep it up!

Book Parade

What a wonderful day we had on Friday celebrating Book Week. Thank you to all the students and families for getting behind this wonderful event. We had some amazing costumes this year, I couldn't believe how much effort everyone went to. 

Thank you to all the families that stayed to participate in the classroom activities. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately, but I did get a picture of the final product.


This term we have been busy improving our skipping skills. The kids have come so far, learning some cool tricks. On Wednesday we focused on using the long rope and getting all the students to run in and run out. 

This was a great activity to build the students confidence using the long rope.

Awards week 7

Congratulations Taliya, Bailey and Nash for receiving your awards. You have all worked so hard!