Monday 20 November 2017

All about Addition and Subtraction!

In Maths lessons over the last week 1/2 F students haves been learning to use a variety of strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems involving one- and two-digit numbers.

We have used the Jump Strategy:

Jumping by parts of a number to solve a calculation.

For example: 4 + 12 = 4 + 10 + 1 + 1
Jump Strategy

Students have learnt to work backwards through some problems to convert them from additions to subtractions e.g. 8 + 10 =  … + 10 = 18

We have had lots of fun learning about these strategies and practiced using them by playing games and solving riddles.

Some the riddles solved were quite funny!
What do you call a snowman's tantrum? A meltdown
What do you call a cat on a beach? Sandy Claws



Floating on Air

Students had the opportunity to individually and collectively consider the questions: 
  • What is air? 
  • Where is air?

The class worked in pairs to collect air. Each pair of students had to predict where they might find air and recorded their predictions in workbooks.

Each pair of students had to use two plastic bags to collect as much air as they could and in any way they could. There were lots of creative strategies used to collect the air.  After teams  had an opportunity to collect air, they shared examples of where they found air and we discussed what we had learnt.






This is what are class learnt about air:

  • Air is everywhere
  • Air takes up space
  • Air pushes up against falling objects
  • Gravity pulls objects to the ground
  • The shape of an object affects the rate at which it falls to the ground. For example, a flat sheet of paper falls slowly to the ground, compared to a scrunched up ball of paper.

Award recipients over the last couple of weeks!

Over the last couple of weeks the following students have received awards! Well done to these hard working students.

Week 4 Class awards. Well done to Vance, Cade and Brooke for your diligence to completing your work and trying your best in all areas of your learning!

Over the year students have worked hard to complete the Premier's Reading Challenge. The challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. Well done to Ella, Nathaniel, Christian, Charli and Sophia for receiving this award! You guys rock!

Well done Ryan, Sienna, Christian, Jack, Nathaniel and Esha! You have all been working diligently to learn lots of interesting and new things.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Grandparents day!

What a wonderful time was had on Friday morning, when we celebrated our grandparents and got to share in some activities here at school. It was terrific to see so many grandparents visit and the children were very excited to share the day with them. We solved puzzles, told a story using three pictures, painted sun catchers, read books together and we got to perform the Stockyards bush dance for our grandparents as well. Please enjoy some of the photos from the day.







Learning about Volume and Capacity!

In Maths we have been learning all about Volume and Capacity.

We have been learning to:
  • pack cubic units into rectangular containers so that there are no gaps
  • measure the volume of a container by filling the container with uniform informal units and counting the number of units used
  • record volumes by referring to the number and type of informal unit used 
  • estimate volumes of containers by referring to the number and type of informal unit used and check by measuring
  • estimate the volume of a pile of materials and check by measuring
  • learning about displacement of liquids