Monday, 20 November 2017

Floating on Air

Students had the opportunity to individually and collectively consider the questions: 
  • What is air? 
  • Where is air?

The class worked in pairs to collect air. Each pair of students had to predict where they might find air and recorded their predictions in workbooks.

Each pair of students had to use two plastic bags to collect as much air as they could and in any way they could. There were lots of creative strategies used to collect the air.  After teams  had an opportunity to collect air, they shared examples of where they found air and we discussed what we had learnt.






This is what are class learnt about air:

  • Air is everywhere
  • Air takes up space
  • Air pushes up against falling objects
  • Gravity pulls objects to the ground
  • The shape of an object affects the rate at which it falls to the ground. For example, a flat sheet of paper falls slowly to the ground, compared to a scrunched up ball of paper.

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