Friday, 20 October 2017

Beautiful landscapes

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This week 1-2 F have been creating landscapes of the Australian outback.

We particularly focused on creating a desert scene with Boab trees, as this reflected what we had read in the book "Are we there yet?" by Alison Lester.  We had read this book as it tied in beautifully with our Geography unit for this term and helped us all gain a better understanding of the location of Australia's many famous landmarks.

In our artworks we used a variety of materials and techniques. We blended with water colour paints to create a background sunset, used oil pastel crayons to add details, like the creek, cockatoos and grass reeds, and rubbed crayons on our paper whilst leaning on the concrete to create a textured pattern for our mountains and the Boab trees. The children's artworks look amazing!



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